Your perfect event in Italy

23 Settembre 2020

Dear bride and groom to be!

First of all congratulations for your engagement! 

If you have come to this page it is because you would like to celebrate your wedding in Italy to crown your dream of love! Great choice! Italy is a mix of culture, music, arts, fashion, good food and wine. Add that to the landscape of sand and unforgettable sea, majestic mountains, rolling hills, little colored villages, ancient Latin and Greek ruins, clear water and breathtaking natural scenes, who could ask for more?

There are so many places I could recommend to you, but, most of all, I would love to guide you into experiencing the charm of the province of Verona, my hometown. 

  • The blue of the Garda Lake, where many poets and artists resided and took inspiration. 
  • The softness of the hills, which give us excellent food and wine every year. 
  • The majesty of the mountains, which offer rest and relaxation in unique and breathtaking settings. 
  • The tranquility of the plains, where, immersed in nature you would be far away from all the traffic and the noise. 

Verona: an artistic city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where art and history are woven together like kindred spirits!

What we can offer you, are these sceneries as well as our hands-on assistance during the planning for your wedding. From the location where you would like to organize your wedding party and host your guests, to the menu, invitations, floral decorations and wedding keepsakes. And if you so desire, we would be pleased to organize your unique and special honeymoon here in Italy, as well as arrange for a pleasant stay for your guests! I will help walk you through every step.

Now, my dear bride and groom, think about what I just told you, and if , upon closing your eyes and imagining all these enchanting places, you are filled with excitement, please do not hesitate to call us so that we can make your dream wedding in Italy come true. 

And remember the words of J.Keats, “ A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” 

With love, Elisa

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