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Floral arrangemets idea STYLE&FLOWERS

Christmas table: an idea for your winter wedding in Italy 2021

25 Dicembre 2020

Dear lovely readers!

First of all:

Merry Christmas! My favourite time of the year has come:) A bit strange but more intimate this year. We have to find a way to enjoy it anyway and we did it! So today I would like to show you an idea for your Christmas table! Probably most of you has already ideas but just because we can not go out maybe this is a way to do something creative and different with your family waiting Christmas lunch or dinner!

Having the idea of ​​setting up a Christmas table is having a Christmas spirit that moves many personal emotions
 It is incredible how the base colors accompany the season of the year in each place.
 Earth colors with a rustic mix where the floral design cannot be missing and the flowers always show us what time of year we are.
 The elegance of winter colors are always the ideal ones to accompany them with a strong color that enhances your table together with light dishes that give brightness and contrast.
 Setting up a Christmas table is the reflection of our culture of our tastes of our personality. Do you agree with me?

And my last question is: would you choose Christmas time to schedule your wedding? Maybe here in Italy? Let us know 🙂

Please send us your creations if you like the idea; i would be very glad to have a look at them! Spend time your beloved ones and stay helathy and safe! Lots of Love Paola

Floral arrangemets idea STYLE&FLOWERS

The importance of the flowers and decorations for your wedding

6 Novembre 2020

Dear lovely readers,

during these hard times it is important to stay safe, think and be positive and to tell about beautiful things. So today I would like to share some tips to follow, according my knowledge and experience, about the importance of the decorations.

Especially during a wedding or a private event the flowers, decorations and setting tables become the background of your memories and pictures.

Nowadays setting a table and not decorating it is something unthinkable.  It is not enough to have what we need to eat and drink! It is important to choose the right fabric and color of the tablecloth and napkin, the right type of chair, the color and shape of the plates, of the glasses and the cutlery. Everything must be in line wih your wedding’s fil rouge.

Throughout the different eras and over the centuries, the table has been a mirror of their own habits and traditions and of course today is still like this! I would add also that it reflects your soul and way to be. Every floral design for your tables and event in general will be the pure reflection of yourself, achieving balance and elegance.

I chose to share this picture about the anemones, the flower that by its history has a meaning of being a symbol of “intense love” , whatever its color is perfect to attract the attention of the human eye. Do you like it? Hope so 🙂

 What are the most important rules to take into account when you are going to choose about flowers and decoration?

1.- The type and color of the flowers

2-.  The height of the floral decoration

3-.  The design line and the type of decoration that will be used in the event 

According to me these ones above are the most important steps that you, lovely couples, should think about in order to achieve the best result! What do you? Do you agree with me? If you are looking for a venue and floral design for your wedding in Italy, please contact us we will be more than pleased to help you 🙂 Have a nice weekend, with love Paola!

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